Sponn Design creates Light combining Modernity and Passion for Nature

Hi there and welcome to Sponn Design!
They say that need is the mother of all invention, and that is exactly how Sponn Design came to be. I am Renata Zielonka, founder of Sponn Design and my journey began because I was looking for something specific, something which I couldn’t find anywhere else. I had recently moved into a new home and opted to decorate it in a modern minimalist style. But I was looking for a way to add some warmth and decided that natural wood was the way to go.
I also needed a few lamps and so started looking for lamps made from veneer. But nothing I found matched my expectations. I wanted natural veneer and could only find modified, the colour was never right, or they were mass produced. I wanted something unique but whenever I found anything that came close to what I was looking for, the price was staggering and not one that I felt was worth paying.
And so I decided that my only option was to design and make my own natural wood veneer lamps. We started with the lamps we needed for our own home, right there in our very own backyard. Then a friend asked us to make one for them and in time, our backyard became a workshop. And as we sold each lamp that we had designed and created, we improved our production processes and bought more professional tools.
Now every lamp we manufacture is of the highest quality! Each lampshade is made from a natural wood veneer harvested from carefully selected trees that are at least several decades old. In fact we even have lamps made from a chestnut that is nearly a century old! They are each made to order from different sections of the tree and so are completely unique with the natural colour and texture of wood.
I am inspired by the hidden beauty of wood and in how light can highlight and showcase that beauty. Creating a connection between light and wood is my passion, but the simple beauty of plain wood inspires me as well. A thin veneer is beautiful on its own, but with the addition of light it is completely transformed. Light reveals the secrets hidden inside the wood, stimulates the imagination and brings you closer to nature.
We’re blending wood and light to create ultimate beauty and simplicity, so contact us today!

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